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Hester Jane Madison (Ester)
Generation: J | ID: 1208 | Lifespan: ABT 70 years Updated: 23 Aug 2013
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Ancestry Information
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Hester Jane Madison (Ester)
(ABT Jun 1852 - 5 Sep 1922)
Marriages of Hester Jane Madison
Images Spouse Date of Marriage Certificate Location of Marriage
Lewis Mathew Hazelip 1 Jun 1868 Edmonson County, Kentucky, USA
MARRIAGE NOTES: At the time of this marriage, Hester was 16, and Lewis was 35. It was second marriage and her first.
Children of Hester Jane Madison
Images Children Lifespan Other Parent
UNK Hazelip (UNK - UNK) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
UNK Hazelip (UNK - UNK) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Alpha Retta Hazelip (19 Mar 1870 - 11 Feb 1929) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Charles Sidney Hazelip (15 Mar 1872 - 26 Apr 1873) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Junaetta Hazelip (14 Jan 1882 - 4 Apr 1883) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Hunter Hazelip (24 May 1886 - 14 Aug 1887) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Bill E. Hazelip (Apr 1890 - UNK) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Ella J. Hazelip (Mar 1894 - UNK) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Nora Ellis Hazelip (Apr 1896 - UNK) Lewis Mathew Hazelip
Siblings of Hester Jane Madison
Images Siblings Lifespan Father Mother
No siblings of this person have been entered.
Detailed Primary Information for Hester Jane Madison
Gender: Female
Generation: J
Added: 1 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 23 Aug 2013
Living: False
Primary Notes:
Detailed Birth Information for Hester Jane Madison
Birth Date: ABT Jun 1852
Time of Birth: UNK
Birth Location: Cumberland County, Kentucky, USA
Map of Birthplace: Map Unavailable
Birth Notes: FMC.
Detailed Death Information for Hester Jane Madison
Death Date: 5 Sep 1922
Time of Death: UNK
Death Location: Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas, USA
Map of Deathplace: Map Unavailable
Cause of Death: UNK
Death Notes: JO.
Detailed Burial Information for Hester Jane Madison
Burial Location: Unknown
Map of Location: Map Unavailable
Name on Stone:
Birthdate on Stone:
Death Date on Stone:
Inscription 1:
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Burial Notes:
Cemetery Notes:
Additional Notes for Hester Jane Madison
Database Note No: 157
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed.,
1885, Edmonson County.

L. M. HAZELIP was born in Edmonson County, Ky., July 28, 1832. He is the sixth in a family of ten boys and six girls born to Merry and Jane (Stranger) Hazelip. He was reared on a farm, and at the age of twenty began life for himself. He worked one year for his brother, and then commenced farming on his own account, which he followed for about four years. He then engaged at shoemaking at Brownsville, which trade he followed for two years; then attended Camden Seminary, Barren County, for five months, after which he returned home and attended school three months. He then taught three terms of three months each - two terms in Allen County and one term in Edmonson. Later he commenced the study of law with Veachel H. Jones at Glasgow, Ky., and was admitted to the bar in 1862. He commenced the practice of his profession at Brownsville, where he still continues, meeting with good success. Mr. Hazelip's home is on a farm one and a quarter miles west of Brownsville. He owns 500 acres, about 225 of which are under cultivation. By his first marriage, which occurred in 1854, two daughters were born. His second marriage took place in 1868, with Ester J. Madison, who has borne him six children - three boys and three girls. Mr. Hazelip was elected county attorney in 1863, and afterward served two terms by appointment. He was elected to the State Legislature in 1867, and served one term; was elected county judge in 1874, and served two terms. Politically he is a Republican. Mrs. Hazelip is a member of the Baptist Church.
Images Relating to Hester Jane Madison
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Database Image No: 659
1870 US Census, Edmonson Co., KY

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Database Image No: 795
1900 US Census, Edmonson Co., KY