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Martine UNK
Generation: L | ID: 3098 | Lifespan: Undetermined Updated: 24 Aug 2013
Photo Birth Record Death Record Tombstone
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Ancestry Information
(Paternal Grandfather) (Paternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandfather)
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
(Father) (Mother)
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
Martine UNK
Marriages of Martine UNK
Images Spouse Date of Marriage Certificate Location of Marriage
Herbert Hazelip UNK Unknown
MARRIAGE NOTES: note. (See Notes section.) This was his second marriage, and I do not believe it resulted in any children.
Children of Martine UNK
Images Children Lifespan Other Parent
No children have been entered for this person.
Siblings of Martine UNK
Images Siblings Lifespan Father Mother
No siblings of this person have been entered.
Detailed Primary Information for Martine UNK
Gender: Female
Generation: L
Added: 24 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 24 Aug 2013
Living: False
Primary Notes:
Detailed Birth Information for Martine UNK
Birth Date: UNK
Time of Birth: UNK
Birth Location: Unknown
Map of Birthplace: Map Unavailable
Birth Notes:
Detailed Death Information for Martine UNK
Death Date: UNK
Time of Death: UNK
Death Location: Unknown
Map of Deathplace: Map Unavailable
Cause of Death: UNK
Death Notes:
Detailed Burial Information for Martine UNK
Burial Location: Unknown
Map of Location: Map Unavailable
Name on Stone:
Birthdate on Stone:
Death Date on Stone:
Inscription 1:
Inscription 2:
Reverse Inscription:
Burial Notes:
Cemetery Notes:
Additional Notes for Martine UNK
No additional notes have been entered for this person.
Images Relating to Martine UNK
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