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Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Generation: I | ID: 1154 | Lifespan: 66 years Updated: 16 May 2017
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Ancestry Information
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b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
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b. UNK - d. UNK
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Jonathan Wesley
b. UNK - d. UNK
Elizabeth Jane Wesley
(15 Jan 1799 - 10 Feb 1865)
Marriages of Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Images Spouse Date of Marriage Certificate Location of Marriage
Merry Hazelip 3 Mar 1816 Halifax County, Virginia, USA
Children of Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Images Children Lifespan Other Parent
Sarah Hazelip (Sallie) (17 Jun 1817 - 12 Mar 1879) Merry Hazelip
Robert Hazelip (16 Feb 1819 - 22 Sep 1881) Merry Hazelip
Martin Hazelip (17 Apr 1821 - 2 Mar 1856) Merry Hazelip
William Hazelip (Bill) (29 Jul 1823 - 11 Jul 1891) Merry Hazelip
Susan Hazelip (Susannah) (14 Jan 1825 - UNK) Merry Hazelip
Parrum S. Hazelip (9 Aug 1828 - UNK) Merry Hazelip
Jonathan Wesley Hazelip (12 Sep 1830 - 5 Dec 1915) Merry Hazelip
Lewis Mathew Hazelip (28 Jul 1832 - 6 Oct 1910) Merry Hazelip
George Washington Hazelip (ABT Jun 1834 - 9 Jul 1859) Merry Hazelip
Hiram M. Hazelip (ABT 15 Mar 1836 - 9 Oct 1864) Merry Hazelip
Ransom C. Hazelip (20 Apr 1838 - 8 Oct 1898) Merry Hazelip
Doclin Warner Hazelip (Do... (7 Feb 1840 - 16 Dec 1920) Merry Hazelip
Mary Ann Hazelip (Polly Ann) (19 Oct 1842 - 3 Sep 1904) Merry Hazelip
Siblings of Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Images Siblings Lifespan Father Mother
Elizabeth Jane Wesley (15 Jan 1799 - 10 Feb 1865) Jonathan Wesley UNKNOWN
Detailed Primary Information for Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Gender: Female
Generation: I
Added: 1 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 16 May 2017
Living: False
Primary Notes: I found this person's first name in a land record in Edmonson County, KY.
Detailed Birth Information for Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Birth Date: 15 Jan 1799
Time of Birth: UNK
Birth Location: Halifax County, Virginia, USA
Map of Birthplace: Map Unavailable
Birth Notes: Information obtained in part from this person's tombstone.
Detailed Death Information for Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Death Date: 10 Feb 1865
Time of Death: UNK
Death Location: USA
Map of Deathplace: Map Unavailable
Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever
Death Notes: Information obtained in part from this person's tombstone. The cause of Jane's death comes from the biography of Ransom C. Hazelip in Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886. Warren County.
Detailed Burial Information for Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Burial Location: Old Brownsville Cemetery, Brownsville, Edmonson County, Kentucky, USA
Map of Location: Click to view map (N 37.19616667, W 86.26725)
Name on Stone: JANE HAZELIP
Birthdate on Stone: Jan. 15, 1799
Death Date on Stone: Feb. 10, 1865
Inscription 1: Consort of
Merry Hazelip
in Halofax Co. Va.
Inscription 2: Dearest mother thou has left us
Thou no more will join our number
Here thy loss we deeply fee
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life has fled.
Reverse Inscription:
Burial Notes:
Cemetery Notes:
Additional Notes for Elizabeth Jane Wesley
Database Note No: 75
Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886. Warren County.

RANSOM C. HAZELIP, who ranks as one of the leading and most active business men of Warren County, was born April 20, 1838, near Brownsville, Edmonson Co., Ky. He is a son of Merry and Jane (Wesley) Hazelip, parents of ten sons and six daughters, of whom our subject is the fourteenth. Three of the daughters died in infancy; the rest all lived to rear families. The eldest, Sallie, was born in June, 1817, and died the 12th day of March, 1879; Robert, born February 16, 1819, died September 22, 1881; Martin, born April 17, 1821, died March 2, 1856; William, born July 29, 1823; Susan, born January 14, 1825; Parrum S., born August 9, 1828; Lewis M., born July 28, 1832; George W., born in June, 1834, died July 9, 1859; Hiram H., born March 15, 1836, died October 9, 1864; Ransom C. was born next; Dr. Warrinor was born February 7, 1840, and Polly Ann was born in October, 1842. Merry Hazelip was born May 12, 1795, in Buncombe County, N. C.; about 1810, with his parents, he came to Barren County, Ky., where he remained but a short time, when he located on Green River, Edmonson County. He died in Brownsville March 5, 1870, a devoted member of the Baptist Church. He was a son of Robert Hazelip, who was born in North Carolina, of Irish parentage. He was a patriot who served in the war of the Revolution for independence; was a farmer, and married Miss Millian Webb, of North Carolina, who was of Welsh origin. He immigrated to Barren County, Ky., where he remained but a short time, when he located near the mouth of Nolin River above Brownsville, Ky., and entered and improved several hundred acres. Jane (Wesley) Hazelip was of Welsh origin, born January 15, 1799, in Halifax County, Va., and died in Brownsville February 10, 1865. She was a daughter of Jonathan, who married Miss Sallie Walker, a daughter of Dr. Walker. He and wife were born in Virginia. He died in Virginia, after which Sallie married William Strange, of Virginia. About 1810 they immigrated to Madison County, Ky., thence to Barren County, and in 1820 to Davidson County, Tenn., where they remained on a farm until death. When R. C. Hazelip was fifteen, his father settled below Brownsville, on Green River, in a broken and sparsely settled country. Young Hazelip being ambitious and desiring to procure a more liberal education than the schools of the neighborhood afforded, his father granted him the privilege of hiring out and earning the means to educate himself. He worked for $6 or $8 per month until 1857, when he hired to work at grading the Louisville & Nashville Railway for $14 per month. With the means thus earned he attended the common schools, and in September, 1858, entered Camden Seminary, near Hiseville, Ky., for one term of five months. In May, 1859, he was appointed deputy county and circuit clerk, which position he filled for $75 per year and board. While serving, he was elected and served one term as police judge of Brownsville, Ky. When the war broke out, T. B. McIntire, clerk of the county and circuit court, was a strong advocate of secession; young Hazelip, his deputy, being a very strong and zealous advocate of the Union, resigned his position and began teaching school. In September of the same year the clerk resigned his position, when Mr. Hazelip was appointed to fill both offices, in which he served until February, 1862, when he resigned and entered the Union Army, falling in with the Eleventh Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, with which he marched to Nashville, Tenn., thence to Shiloh, in which battle he was engaged; he was also with the regiment in the battle of Perryville, Ky. He served all this time without being mustered into the service. He was only a citizen marching with the regiment and taking part. For his bravery and meritorious services and patriotism, in 1863 the governor of Kentucky commissioned him to raise a company of mounted infantry for the Thirty-fifth Kentucky for the purpose of ridding the State of gangs of guerrillas which infested it. He was commissioned first lieutenant of the company, and at his request, H. D. Baker was commissioned captain; was for the greater portion of his service engaged in hunting down guerrillas, but was also in several engagements with the regular Confederate forces. With his company, he was mustered out December 29, 1864, but did not reach his home until January 5, 1865, when he found his mother lying low with typhoid fever, of which she died. On his return to civil life he gathered all his effects and found he had, all told, but $1,100. He and his brother William, with Capt. Morris, in 1865 built a house in Cave City and engaged in mercantile business. On the 27th of July, 1865, Mr. Hazelip married Miss Mary F. Murphey, of Barren County, Ky., a daughter of William and Nancy (Fisher) Murphey. Mr. and Mrs. Hazelip had born to them five children: William W., born May 11, 1866; Hendrick, born December 12, 1867, died September 7, 1868; Luonia Myrtle, born June 7, 1871; Edna Gertrude, born August 28, 1878, died June 19, 1880; Ransom C. Jr., born June 16, 1882. Mr. and Mrs. Hazelip and two children are members of the Baptist Church. In January, 1866, Mr. Hazelip, with other parties, opened another general store at Brownsville, Ky. In the same year Capt. Morris was elected county and circuit clerk, where he sold his interest, and the business, was carried on in the name of R. C. Hazelip & Bro., R. C. Hazelip having charge of the store at Cave City, and his brother in charge of that at Brownsville. In 1869 the business at Cave City was closed and our subject moved to Brownsville, whee the business was continued. He had served as police judge of Cave City, and after going to Brownsville was appointed postmaster. He also engaged in the brokerage business with his brother. They continued business in Brownsville until 1879, when they sold out and moved to Smith's Grove, Ky., where he and brother erected a building and started a banking house. In May, 1880, the deposit bank of Smith's Grove commenced business with R. C. Hazelip as cashier, the authorized capital stock being $100,000, and he and brother owning all the stock. They owned 7,000 or 8,000 acres of land in Edmonson, Warren and Barren Counties; also owned 1,000 acres in Kansas and resident property in Smith's Grove. R. C. Hazelip is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and in politics is a Republican.

Hazelip Wesley Webb Walker Strange McIntire Baker Morris Fisher Murphey=Brownsville-Edmonson-KY Buncombe-NC Hiseville-Barren-KY Halifax-VA
Madison-KY Nashville-Davidson-TN Perryville-Boyle-KY KS
Database Note No: 131

Hiram M Hazelip was born in about 1836 in Kentucky. He is the son of Merry Hazelip and Jane Wesley. Hiram M Hazelip can be found on the 1850 Census for Edmonson County, Kentucky in the household of his parents, age 14 born in Kentucky. On December 30, 1856 Hiram M Hazelip married Sarah Anna Nee Unknown Williams. This couple can be found on the 1860 Census for Edmonson County, Kentucky. They have a one year young son born in Kentucky named James K Hazelip. James K Hazelip was born June 11, 1859 in Edmonson County, Kentucky and probably died in Marshall, Harrison County, Texas after 1919. Anna Nee Unknown Williams Hazelip possibly died before January 28, 1862. Hiram M Hazelip married Mary Cook January 28, 1862 in Edmonson County, Kentucky. Hiram M Hazelip Enlisted in Company H, 52nd Regiment of the Kentucky Mounted Infantry. He died on October 9, 1864 at home in Edmonson County, Kentucky. On February 3, 1865 Hiram M Hazelip’s Widow Mary J Cook Hazelip filed for a Civil War Widows Pension. Mary Hazelip and her 8 year young son, William H Hazelip can be found on the 1870 Census for Edmonson County, Kentucky. On October 31, 1870 a Minors Civil War Pension Application was filed in the Name of William Hazelip. This could indicate that Mary J Cook Hazelip remarried or had died, however, it is inconclusive. Hiram M Hazelip is buried in Old Brownsville Cemetery, Edmonson County, Kentucky.
Images Relating to Elizabeth Jane Wesley
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Database Image No: 294
1830 US Census, Edmonson Co., KY
This US Census page shows Merry Hazelip with one male under five, two males between five and 10, one male between 10 and 15, one male between 15 and 20, one male between 30 and 40 (who is probably Merry, himself), one female between five and 10, one female between 10 and 15, and one female between 30 and 40 (who is probably Merry's wife, Jane Wesley).

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Database Image No: 314
1840 US Census, Edmonson Co., KY
US Census record showing Merry Hazelip living in Edmonson County, KY.

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Database Image No: 312
1850 US Census, Edmonson Co., KY
US Census page from 1850, showing Merry and Jane Hazelip's family and Robert and Malinda Hazelip's family. Note that the female "Mary C" (age 13) is probably Merry C. Hazelip, Merry Hazelip's grandson and Robert Hazelip's son.

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Database Image No: 315
1860 US Census, Edmonson County, Kentucky
US Census record showing a 66-year-old Merry Hazelip living in Edmonson Co., KY, with his wife Jane (Wesley), his daughter Polly Ann (a/k/a Mary Ann), and his granddaughters Josephine (b. ABT 1855) and Eliza (b. ABT 1857). Josephine and Eliza a five-year-old female (whose name I cannot read), a three-year-old child named Eliza, and his daughter Polly Ann (a/k/a Mary Ann). Note that Merry's name and gender are incorrect (as is usually the case because of his name: Merry / Mary). I do not know who the Eliza and the illegibly named child are, but I am fairly certain they are not Merry's direct issue.