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Alice Davidson
Generation: L | ID: 1422 | Lifespan: 92 years Updated: 16 Apr 2014
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Ancestry Information
(Paternal Grandfather) (Paternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandfather)
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
(Father) (Mother)
David Davison
(1855 - UNK)
b. UNK - d. UNK
Alice Davidson
(1882 - 10 Dec 1974)
Marriages of Alice Davidson
Images Spouse Date of Marriage Certificate Location of Marriage
UNK Boling UNK Unknown
MARRIAGE NOTES: I understand this is Alice's first husband. I was informed of this by personal correspondence.
Alfred Hazelip (Alford, A... BEF 1912 Unknown
MARRIAGE NOTES: From a relative of the subject.
Children of Alice Davidson
Images Children Lifespan Other Parent
Pauline Boling (ABT 9 Jan 1905 - 14 May 1993) UNK Boling
Guthrie W. Hazelip (20 Apr 1913 - 26 Jul 1968) Alfred Hazelip (Alford, Alferd)
Elizabeth Hazelip (ABT 27 Sep 1915 - UNK) Alfred Hazelip (Alford, Alferd)
Amma Roy Hazelip (Anna Ray) (31 Aug 1920 - UNK) Alfred Hazelip (Alford, Alferd)
Siblings of Alice Davidson
Images Siblings Lifespan Father Mother
Alice Davidson (1882 - 10 Dec 1974) David Davison UNKNOWN
Detailed Primary Information for Alice Davidson
Gender: Female
Generation: L
Added: 1 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 16 Apr 2014
Living: False
Primary Notes: Alice's last name appears to be spelled as Davisson on the Birth Certificate of her daughter Anna.
Detailed Birth Information for Alice Davidson
Birth Date: 1882
Time of Birth: UNK
Birth Location: USA
Map of Birthplace: Map Unavailable
Birth Notes: FTS.
Detailed Death Information for Alice Davidson
Death Date: 10 Dec 1974
Time of Death: UNK
Death Location: McLean County, Kentucky, USA
Map of Deathplace: Map Unavailable
Cause of Death: UNK
Death Notes: Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000 about Alice Hazelip:

Name: Alice Hazelip
Death Date: 10 Dec 1974
Death Place: McLen
Age: 092
Residence: McLean
Volume: 62
Certificate: 30807
Detailed Burial Information for Alice Davidson
Burial Location: Poplar Grove Cemetery, McLean County, Kentucky, USA
Map of Location: Map Unavailable
Birthdate on Stone: 1882
Death Date on Stone: 1974
Inscription 1: HAZELIP
Inscription 2:
Reverse Inscription:
Burial Notes: PHOTO:
Cemetery Notes: GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.46620, Longitude: -87.30800

On Highway 1155, just south of Bibb Lane.
Additional Notes for Alice Davidson
Database Note No: 196
From personal correspondence. Pauline was the daughter of UNK Boling and Alice Davison. Mr. Boling passed away and Alice then married Alfred Hazelip. Alfred raised Pauline as his own.
Database Note No: 129
About Poplar Grove Cemetery in McLean Co., KY, from US Genweb Archives:

Poplar Grove Cemetery, Highway 1155, McLean County, Kentucky
About 5 miles south of Rumsey

Copied summer of 1999 by:
Glenda Willis, 4558 Hwy 1155, Rumsey, KY 42371

First copied in 1977 by Louise Sandefur Willis

Poplar Grove, formerly called Faith, is located in McLean County, on
Highway 1155. It is in an area of rolling hills and farms with crops and
pasture lands. Going south on Highway 81 from Owensboro, travel about 30
minutes until you reach Calhoun, then cross the Green River, and go through
Rumsey. At the other edge of Rumsey, turn off Highway 81 onto Highway 138.
Travel less than the distance of a city block, then turn left onto Highway
1155. From that point go 5.3 miles to the Poplar Grove Churches. As you top a
hill, turn left onto a blacktop road, and the two churches, the Cumberland
Presbyterian and the Primitive Baptist, and the cemetery is spread out in
front of you.

A log church was built and services were being held in it as early as
1806. It was then called Cypress Primitive Baptist Church. The name probably
came from the creek two miles away which flows into Green River and is called
Cypress Creek. There are still some Cypress trees, with their distinctive
"knees", on the creek.

The log building was used by all the different faiths in the area as a
meeting place. Some sixty years later, since the log building was in bad
shape, the Primitive Baptist built another building about a couple of hundred
feet from the log church, and kept the name of Cypress Primitive Baptist
Church. The Cumberland Presbyterians decided to build a church, also, so
after they organized on November 23, 1870, they bought 4.83 acres and build
a church just a stone's throw from the Baptist Church. The Baptist faces to
the west, and the C. P. Church faces east, with both sharing the same lane.
The old cemetery, the new cemetery, and the Baptist section more or less blend together.
The cemetery was first recorded in 1977 by Louise Sandefur Willis. It
has doubled in the years since then. It was started as a neighborhood
cemetery, and has been used as such since then. Many of the stones are
damaged, and many are broken, lying on the ground, and some are gone. I did
my best to read accurately the names, dates and in many cases, the verses on
the stones. Many verses were just eroded too bad to be read. The names are
together if they are on a stone together. Additional information is in

There are at least a hundred graves with no headstones, but plainly
evidence of a grave. There are numerous empty areas where there could be
graves, but none are readily visible. The Cumberland Presbyterians sold lots
on their side so they kept records of who was buried where, since the 1870's.
The Primitive Baptists have kept no records that anyone knew about.

There are seven graves in the southern section of the older part where
the "Poor House" (also called the "old folks home") buried their dead. They
had wooden crosses, which have long since rotted and disappeared. The graves
are still visible. One has a metal pipe sticking up at the head, so someone
cared enough to do that. Another grave had a small homemade headstone with
the name S. Webester on it, and is beside the others. Whether or not this
person came from the Poor House, no one I could find knew anything about it.

Many of the older graves have a concrete top with white shells on them.
The shells were gathered from Cypress Creek and Green River, and dozens were
placed in decorative rows in the concrete. Many of the tops have only the
names on them, and some also had headstones with the dates.

Note of interest: Lottie Thomas from Sacramento, who died several years ago,
told a story about when Mahala Baker's grave was dug. To their surprise, the
diggers uncovered two bodies. They knew that two horse thieves had been
caught and hung from a tree in the old cemetery before Kentucky had become a
state (which was in 1792) and buried where they were cut down. They decided
that the bodies were the horse thieves. The story of the horse thieves was
the talk of the community that summer. Nobody knows where they reburied the
Images Relating to Alice Davidson
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Database Image No: 817
1910 US Census, McLean County, KY

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Database Image No: 812
1920 US Census, McLean Co., KY, pg. 01

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Database Image No: 813
1920 US Census, McLean Co., KY, pg. 02

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Database Image No: 814
1930 US Census, McLean Co., KY

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Database Image No: 815
1940 US Census, McLean County, KY