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John Thomas Bishop
Generation: L | ID: 3047 | Lifespan: Undetermined Updated: 19 Apr 2014
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Ancestry Information
(Paternal Grandfather) (Paternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandfather)
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
Mary Palestine Sirles (Pa...
(10 Dec 1873 - 1 May 1960)
Edward Thomas Shain (Ed T)
(30 Jan 1865 - 2 Jan 1925)
(Father) (Mother)
Frank Thomas Bishop
(UNK - Nov 1978)
Beulah Nay Shain
(24 Nov 1901 - 1954)
John Thomas Bishop
Marriages of John Thomas Bishop
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Children of John Thomas Bishop
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Siblings of John Thomas Bishop
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John Thomas Bishop (UNK - UNK) Frank Thomas Bishop Beulah Nay Shain
Undisclosed Undisclosed Frank Thomas Bishop Beulah Nay Shain
Detailed Primary Information for John Thomas Bishop
Gender: Male
Generation: L
Added: 14 Jul 2012
Last Updated: 19 Apr 2014
Living: False
Primary Notes:
Detailed Birth Information for John Thomas Bishop
Birth Date: UNK
Time of Birth: UNK
Birth Location: Unknown
Map of Birthplace: Map Unavailable
Birth Notes:
Detailed Death Information for John Thomas Bishop
Death Date: UNK
Time of Death: UNK
Death Location: USA
Map of Deathplace: Map Unavailable
Cause of Death: Lung Cancer
Death Notes: Cause of death is speculative, but comes from personal correspondence. (See Note 43.)

See Oral History Note 47:

And my brother John (Tommy) was still in highschool [when our mother died], and he was always sickly from birth, but managed to finish high school. He had polio, spent 2 yrs in US Army, and came back here, and worked in Delco-GM factory till he got so weak from lung cancer that he could no longer work. I think he was very young, too, when he passed. I don’t remember the exact year, but he passed in the hospital where I was working. Seems he passed in the evening. He was a kind soul, too good for his own sake. He had two *** wives, ***. He married the first, Audrey, in Missouri when he was stationed at Ft Leonard Wood. They had two children. She went back to Missouri, and he then married a woman in Russiaville, who had a son, already. They had [living children], all living in the area. I know there are twins, belonging to ***, and I think they will be 28 in November. They were infants when he passed, seems like in April.
Detailed Burial Information for John Thomas Bishop
Burial Location: Unknown
Map of Location: Map Unavailable
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Additional Notes for John Thomas Bishop
Database Note No: 198
From the Kokomo Tribune, November 3, 1954:

MRS. FRANK T. BISHOP Mrs. Beulah Nay Shain Bishop, 51, wife of Frank T. Bishop, died at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday at the family home south of Russiaville. She had been ill only since Monday afternoon with a throat infection. Mrs. Bishop was born Nov. 24, 1902 at Pine Knob, Kn., the daughter of Ed Thomas and Pallie Shain. She and Mr. Bishop were married March 15, 1924. Surviving with the husband are two children, Mrs. Janet Kirby of Kokomo and John Thomas at home. She leaves also her mother, Mrs. Pallie Boone, San Leandro, Calif., and nine brothers and sisters: Mrs. Ora Duggins, Kokomo; 0. B. Shain, Pine Knob, Ky.; Arvel Shain, Cincinnati; Hildred Shain, Mrs. Rhea Tinkle, Mrs. Warfield Louisville, Shain, Charlestown, and Arthur Ky.; Russell Ind.; Mrs. Artie Keith, Garden Grove, Calif., and Mrs. Thelma Singer, San Le andro, Calif. Mrs. Bishop was a member of the Russiaville Methodist Church.
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1940 US Census, Howard Co., IN