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Blanche UNK
Generation: K | ID: 3103 | Lifespan: Undetermined Updated: 25 Aug 2013
Photo Birth Record Death Record Tombstone
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Ancestry Information
(Paternal Grandfather) (Paternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandmother) (Maternal Grandfather)
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
(Father) (Mother)
b. UNK - d. UNK
b. UNK - d. UNK
Blanche UNK
Marriages of Blanche UNK
Images Spouse Date of Marriage Certificate Location of Marriage
Phlemon W. Whobrey (Fleming) UNK Unknown
MARRIAGE NOTES: Inferred from 1940 US Census.
Children of Blanche UNK
Images Children Lifespan Other Parent
Eyvond Whobrey (UNK - UNK) Phlemon W. Whobrey (Fleming)
Joan Whobrey (UNK - UNK) Phlemon W. Whobrey (Fleming)
Philip Whobrey (UNK - UNK) Phlemon W. Whobrey (Fleming)
Ercie Whobrey (UNK - UNK) Phlemon W. Whobrey (Fleming)
Siblings of Blanche UNK
Images Siblings Lifespan Father Mother
No siblings of this person have been entered.
Detailed Primary Information for Blanche UNK
Gender: Female
Generation: K
Added: 25 Aug 2013
Last Updated: 25 Aug 2013
Living: False
Primary Notes: 1940 US Census.
Detailed Birth Information for Blanche UNK
Birth Date: UNK
Time of Birth: UNK
Birth Location: Unknown
Map of Birthplace: Map Unavailable
Birth Notes:
Detailed Death Information for Blanche UNK
Death Date: UNK
Time of Death: UNK
Death Location: Unknown
Map of Deathplace: Map Unavailable
Cause of Death: UNK
Death Notes:
Detailed Burial Information for Blanche UNK
Burial Location: Unknown
Map of Location: Map Unavailable
Name on Stone:
Birthdate on Stone:
Death Date on Stone:
Inscription 1:
Inscription 2:
Reverse Inscription:
Burial Notes:
Cemetery Notes:
Additional Notes for Blanche UNK
No additional notes have been entered for this person.
Images Relating to Blanche UNK
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Database Image No: 798
1940 US Census, Edmonson County, KY